Our Beliefs

  1. We believe in the value and sanctity of every life and that it is every child’s birth right regardless of their ethnicity, religious origin or national association to be safely sheltered with all the basic living necessities provided for and cared after by responsible and loving caretakers.
  2. We believe that all children deserve to have access to quality education and learning from nursery level up to university completion.
  3. We believe that every child must have access to daily nutritious meals and clean drinking water in order to be physically healthy
  4. We believe every child is entitled to receive love, attention and affection in order to grow up to be mentally healthy and emotionally balanced adults.
  5. We believe children should be taught by example, to be guided by good morals and to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct
  6. We believe that children must not be forced to work or become child soldiers or beggars or carry out any form of involuntary servitude
  7. We believe that the wealthy have a responsibility to help the orphans and the poor and that any project which is established to care for orphaned and abandoned children should be supported by the global community at large who we believe are the ultimate caretakers
  8. We believe that a financially sustainable model that does not rely on donations also of for all charitable projects is essential to its long term success.
  9. We believe that all children should be equipped with the necessary life tools to become empowered, productive and self-sufficient members of their community
  10. We believe that charities, faith-based or secular, must serve all people regardless of their professed faith and NEVER proselytize to those who are vulnerable.