We are working hard to establish a boarding school for primary school aged orphaned and abandoned children in the town of Peshawar in Pakistan where there is alarming counts of illiteracy among children, especially those who are abandoned and whose only means of survival is through begging on the streets starting at as young as 2 years of age.

Our initial field research has indicated the great need to establish a primary boarding school for orphaned and abandoned boys and girls who will not only gain the proper physical and emotional nourishment they require, but also receive quality education so that they can at least achieve basic literacy even if they are unable to continue past primary education which we hope can allow to obtain vocational training that would offer them the skills necessary to be self sufficient. We realize that this is not the ideal scenario but we have to start somewhere and hope that by the time our children graduate from primary school we will have the resources available to continue to expand our boarding school to accommodate secondary education as well.

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